This is a nonogram puzzle. The goal of the puzzle is to fill in the cells of the grid to match the clues for each row and column. Each clue represents a sequence of adjacent cells of the same color. Each sequence of cells must be separated by at least 1 blank space (or, for multi-color puzzles, may either be separated by a blank space or must be different colored sequences). More detailed rules are explained at the Wikipedia article.

To solve the puzzle, click on cells to toggle between filled and blank (or colors, for multi-colored puzzles). Cells can also be marked with an 'X', to indicate that the cell is definitely blank, by right-clicking. The puzzle will automatically detect when solved and may display a secret message if one was included with the puzzle.

This is a nonogram builder. It allows you to create a solution image, and the builder will generate a puzzle that will result in that image. Click on cells in the grid to toggle between colors. Once you have created your desired configuration, select the desired puzzle difficulty, and click 'Generate Puzzle'. This will display the generated puzzle, guaranteed to have a single solution and be solvable within the selected difficulty level. It will also generate a link that can be given to others to solve. This link can optionally include a hidden message, encrypted such that it can only be decoded when the puzzle is solved.

Multi-color puzzles can be created by adding colors to the palette. Clicking on colors in the palette changes the color.

This is a nonogram solver. Click on the empty clue spaces to specify clues. A text box pops up. Clues should be listed space-separated. Colored clues can be specified with "clue/colornumber". Colors are numbered starting from 1 (normally black). Cells can also be prefilled as definitely known or definitely a color.

Color Palette

Difficulty (1-10):
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